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Turbine Upgrades

Fitment of a Larger Turbine Wheel

The Fitment of a Larger Turbine Wheel, in much the same way as the Fitment of Larger Compressor Wheel, allows the turbocharger to flow more air. It does this in two ways. Firstly, the larger turbine wheel can drive the compressor wheel harder resulting in more airflow (more airflow equals more power potential). Secondly, the larger wheel reduces backpressure in much the same way as a Cutback.

CNC Re-Profiled Turbine Housing

CNC-machining of the Turbine Housing allows the fitment of a larger turbine wheel – an essential part of the hybrid process! The bore of the housing is enlarged to accommodate the new, larger wheel and the profile reshaped to match. All this is done whilst maintaining a strict tolerance between wheel and housing to optimise efficiency of the turbocharger.

Turbine Wheel Cutback

Turbine Wheel Cutback is a machining process which enables the turbocharger to increase power output by reducing back pressure. This process does remove some blade material from the turbine wheel which normally results in a slight reduction in turbocharger response. If you're unsure of how back pressure influences a turbocharger imagine running a marathon with a finger up your nose!

Porting & Polishing Turbine Housing

Porting and polishing the Turbine Housing helps provide maximum gas flow, thus improving efficiency. It is usually carried out on the turbine housing inlet. Flanges can be gasket-matched if required to optimise flow.