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Ceramic Coating

Turbo Dynamics offer Ceramic Coating technology for turbochargers, turbo related components (i.e. manifolds, exhaust headers, exhaust down pipes, external wastegates) and more.

Ceramic Coating minimises heat transfer from parts such as the exhaust manifold and the turbocharger. This reduces under bonnet temperatures and protects heat sensitive components. By reducing under bonnet temperatures, Ceramic Coating also reduces the temperature of air entering the engine via the inlet manifold, giving a denser charge and more power!

All Turbo Dynamics Ceramic Coating is carried out by Zircotec.
Ceramic coating is available in a range of colours: Performance White, Diamond Black, Graphite, Chilled Red, Warm Grey, Yellow Gold, Solid Black, Sterling Silver, Fern Green, Ultra Blue, Metallic Black, Antique Silver, Copper, Aqua Green and Aged Brown.