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The mapping is really what is all about, get it wrong and at best you will have a real thirsty handful to drive and at worst a blown up melted engine! Get it right and difference can be amazing.... there are various methods employed to achieve the best map for the application...the best solution is a live map (all cars are different) on a rolling road with part load capability going down to a mass produced "chip" that is a fix all for all vehicles (not great).

There are some tuners who actually map on the road with wide band lambda sensors and associated test kit via a lap top...this is a great system as it involves real world driving and loads which a rolling road or engine dyno can some times lack, but it is a little risky as it's hard to concentrate on a map parameter when you are doing 150mph on the open road and if something goes wrong you can't just stop and turn off the engine!

The best method again will be down budget, but don't let this final and most important part of the tuning process become the common "close enough is good enough" fix, after all you have spent a lot of money to get to this point why wreck all the good work with a poor state of tune!