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The intercooler part of the system is probably the least important in the majority of applications unless you are running very high boost (1.4 bar and above) however, there are things to keep an eye out for, this is the pressure drop across the intercooler (pressure difference from the inlet to outlet side) and the charge air temperature difference again from the inlet to outlet.

The flow of an intercooler

The figures for pressure drop should be no more than 1-3 psi if you have anymore than that there is a mismatch somewhere in the system, as for temperatures it is important to keep an eye on the temperature going in to the cooler (this will vary according to boost levels) but on the outlet is where it is critical and you should be aiming for a temp range of 30-40 degrees C… anymore than that and the intercooler isn’t doing the job.The flow of an intercooler





A word of warning here… this doesn’t mean you need a front mount intercooler (you may just need a more efficient standard size intercooler) as we have said before the compromise comes in again, remember that adding 12 feet of 2.5-3” pipe work and an intercooler the size of block of flats you are going to need to fill this extra area and will give you more lag.