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Cylinder Head Porting

This is one of the most important factors to consider (along with camshafts) when turbo matching your engine as it can have one of the biggest impacts on turbocharger performance. Many people believe (incorrectly) that bigger is better when it comes to port size and design when modifying a cylinder head... this could not be further from the truth when fitted to a turbo car.

Cylinder Heads

A turbocharger relies on exhaust gas speed and expansion to operate correctly so if the exhaust ports are too big the gas expands too quickly, cools and slows down... The same can be said (to a lesser extent) on the intake side. A big port needs more air and time to fill so the net result can be more lag. It is common knowledge these days that the manufacturers are getting better and better when it comes to cylinder head design and manufacture... so much so that some tuners have actually lost power from "porting" a cylinder head... the biggest gains are usually made from carefully tidying, matching and blue-printing of the ports.

Knock Sensors

Most modern engines are now fitted with at least one knock sensor; some even have one per cylinder. The device can sense internal pinking (not audible to the human ear and relay this information back to the ECU, which can then immediately adjust the ignition timing to eliminate it. A must on any high performance engine.