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Boost Control

This one is really an open field as far as the many different methods available. The best system is obviously integrated into the vehicle electronics and controlled via the mapping… then there are the less technical methods.

This would encompass the low end version of over adjustment of the wastegate actuator (to much pre-load) so much so the wastegate can no longer control the boost which leads to boost spikes, boost creep and the worst effect can be over speed of the turbine rotor which will cause premature failure of the turbo, drilling small holes in the actual waste gate actuator or sensing hose (yes it is true!) to bleed off pressure (actually wasting precious boost pressure) bleed valves (crude but better than drilling holes) which is at least adjustable, to various aftermarket electronic bolt kits.

The advantages and disadvantages are fairly obvious (and down to budget) but there are two glaring examples that you should stay well clear of… wastegate actuator adjustment and drilling holes!