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Technical Area

Welcome to our Technical area, where you can find out all about hybrid turbos, the difference between turbochargers and superchargers and how aside from being Green Technology that aids fuel efficiency and helps reduce emissions, turbocharging is a great way of improving performance and power for your car.

Here we explain some generic definitions and terms (also referred to as 'Turbo Talk'), and offer some useful turbocharger facts and information. There is a lot of helpful information in this section which advises how to diagnose turbo problems and explains common wastegate actuator faults - try our handy turbo Fault Finder diagnostic to diagnose a faulty turbo now!

Let the experts in hybrid turbos, explain all about hybrid turbochargers and the benefits of ceramic coating your turbo. And check out the Garrett GT Ball Bearing range and Borg Warner EFR series of performance turbochargers...! has a wealth of technical expertise to share - if you cannot find answers to your technical turbo queries here or in our FAQ, send an email to and we will answer your questions directly.